Tuesday, March 22, 2011

iPhone App: Everyday

This evening I splurged on a few Mega Million lotto tickets; the jackpot is $244m. I came home, changed into comfy clothes, and washed my pants. Oh yes, with the lotto tickets in the right, front pocket. FAIL.

In an attempt to feel better, I bought a new app. It is a fun, creative tool. We've all seen them: the videos of a series of daily photos posted on YouTube.  Hairstyles, wardrobe, pimples, expressions, flash across the screen as you view the daily snapshot of someone you may or may not know. Like to try it yourself?

It's called: Everyday. It allows you to take a photo, most likely a self-portrait, at least once everyday and then produce it into a video clip. Choose the frequency of your reminder for how often you should take a shot. Connect to your social network accounts and share your creations. Export video and images to your camera roll. Sales pitch!

The hardest thing about creating an everyday photo project is remembering daily; and then executing. I like being prompted, based on my preset alerts, to take my next shot. The Alignment Guides help make sure I line up my face to the previous images for seamless transitions in my video.

All-in-all it cost me $0.99 -- which was a much better investment than my wadded, squeaky clean, illegible lotto tickets. 

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Anonymous said...

Amazing app... thanks, Shover!