Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kate Nash - Made of Bricks

The first time I heard Kate Nash was in Ireland September '07. Fourteen of us had rented a castle and a friend who lives in Ireland nine months of the year threw us a party. He invited two DJ friends of his who had us dancing to a wide variety of tunes, including Ms. Nash.
She has a unique sound, but has been compared to Lilly Allen. Probably because the both have a british accent with a lyrical style that is free-flowing and sometimes conversational. However, in my opinion that is where the comparision ends. Take "We get on" for example, this stream of conciousness is genious. "and when I saw you kissing that girl, my heart, it shattered and my eyes, they watered and when I tried to speak I stu-uttered. And my friends were like, 'Whatever,you'll find someone better, his eyes are way too close together and we never even liked him from the start. And now he's with that tart, I heard she'd done some really nasty stuffdown in the park with Michael. He said she's easy and if your guys with someone that's sleazy then he ain't worth your time cause you deserve a real nice guy.'
I've heard two versions of this song: The first was a demo softly played the piano and a bit emtional, while the second is off her first full album, Made of Bricks, which has a full band and is much more lively.
If you haven't picked up this CD, I highly recomend it. Other songs to check out: Pumkin Soup, Foundations, Dickhead, and Nicest Thing.